30 Day Goals For Actors

Looking for ways to focus on your craft in quarantine? How about diving into a 30 day challenge?

1. Record yourself stating your goal/s

2. Fall down the monologue rabbit-hole

3. Select one

4. Research methods for getting off-book

5. Get off-book

6. Create a self-tape of your monologue

7. Watch an Oscar nominated performance

8. Update your acting profiles

9. Tape yourself saying "I love you" 10 different ways. Watch it.

10. Create a self-tape of your monologue, but make completely different choices

11. Ask 5 people what roles they can envision you in

12. Watch both of your self-tapes

13. Show your self-tapes to someone else

14. Watch an Oscar winning performance

15. Research a new acting technique

16. Post one of your monologue tapes to social media #selftapeday

17. Select a scene to study

18.  Answer Uta Hagen's 9 Questions

19. Assess your self-tape set-up and make improvements/adjustments

20. Get off-book

21. Create a self-tape of your scene

22. Make a list of 10 different emotions and detail a memory that is linked for you to each one

23. Research casting companies and production companies in your area; make a list of their name + contact info

24. Create a self-tape of your scene, but make completely different choices

25. Draft a cover letter detailing your latest and/or upcoming projects and/or classes you've been taking

26. Mail or email your cover letter and assets to the companies from #23

27. Watch both of your scene self-tapes

28. Show your work to other actors

29. Post one of your scene tapes to social media #selftapeday

30. Make lists of your strengths and special skills as an actor

Tag @actorplaybook so I can find your tapes!

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