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Krystian Bester

Studio Member

I am thrilled to share my positive experience with ActorPlaybook. In addition to the exceptional resources and classes offered, I cannot emphasize enough the invaluable support provided by Jami herself. She is a mentor and guide, always there to lend a helping hand. Her commitment to the success of every actor in the community is evident in her willingness to answer questions and share insights from her own acting career and journey. I would recommend ActorPlaybook to any actor regardless of where you are in your career. 

Callie BEaulieu / 

Studio Member

In the seven months I have been a member of ActorPlaybook I have grown tremendously as an actor. Jami is a solid rock, she is our foundation and her positive energy along with her willingness to share is so great.

Marvin Novogrodski

Studio Member

The camaraderie and learning is non-stop. ActorPlaybook is a place of warmth and family.

Olia neiman

Studio Member

I’m incredibly grateful for the privilege of being part of the ActorPlaybook family that brightens lives and brings fun and creativeness each time we are gathering together. Thank you everyone! Thank you Jami!

sarah dunn

Studio Member

At ActorPlaybook Jami Tennille has created an amazing group full of resources and fabulous opportunities for actors. If you are looking to grow or improve your skill set on a regular basis, network, attend/participate in workshops with cds and other experts in the field all with a supportive, fun, talented group of artists—this is the place!

sonya joyner

Studio Member

I signed up for Actor Playbook when it was first created. Unfortunately, the distance prevented me from attending any of the sessions. Getting laid-off in 2019 freed up my time and that in combination with Jami reaching out to me, opened up the acting world to me in a way that it had never been. Distance was still an issue, but through email, Jami gave me clear and specific tasks that I could complete to move forward! I didn't realize that I actually had all of the materials that I needed to cast a much wider net than I had thought possible. Enter Covid-19! Everything changed and suddenly Zoom became the connection between the actor and the world! Through ActorPlaybook, I found a support system and other actors to "play" with on a regular basis. I now have access to actors, teachers, coaches and casting directors from all over the country! There are classes and workshops happening several times a month, all geared to help you level up in your career. Thank you Jami for helping me realize that I am enough.

carol drewes

studio member

Thanks again for all you do.  I already feel, after two months' involvement with Actors Playbook, ten times more prepared and confident, and I know that will only grow as time goes on.  Membership is SO worth the money.  And yes, you can quote me!!

Jaci Kjernander

studio member

Working with Jami and ActorPlaybook has been life changing for me. The workshops and on-going training are incredibly beneficial for actors at any stage in their career. I can’t recommend ActorPlaybook enough!"

Amanda Mooney

studio member

I genuinely believe that joining up with the ActorPlaybook community is one of the best moves I could have ever made for my acting career. I’ve not only met people who understand the highs and lows that come from a career in acting, but I’ve made lifelong friends who I will always root for and am grateful to have in my life. Jami’s passion for providing her community with helpful resources and tools shines through in the events she plans for us. There is always an event to learn from on the horizon, both virtual and in person. From casting director workshops, talent agent seminars, self-tape feedback and community get togethers, the ActorPlaybook is a great resource for actors of all levels. 

Tana Eriksen

Studio Member

I absolutely love being a member of Actor Playbook. The community is so supportive and welcoming. Jami shares her knowledge so freely and provides the opportunity for so many great workshops and learning opportunities.

Taiye Ojeikere

Studio Member

Working with Jami and the APB family has truly been a blessing for me! This community is truly so positive, inspiring, and supportive. Jami goes above and beyond for us by bringing in amazing guest teachers, offering us monthly training, and an abundance of other resources. 


Studio Member

Quick note to say thank you! Wanted to make sure you know that for those of us who aren't on every call/in every class there is still such a plethora of material to access. Whenever I'm ready for a moment for my career throughout the day it's nice to be able to grab however big a bite I need--whether that's a 15 minute video or an hour. You've got something special here!

Jami Tennille


My name is

Jami Tennille

Being an actor is the dream that has played on loop in my heart for as long as I can remember. My personal experiences, the pivotal lessons I have learned along the way and the people who have inspired me to persevere, all have empowered me to continually strive to provide the essential support system of a community and consistent training to every actor who is navigating their own unique path as they pursue their passion to act in film and television.

At ActorPlaybook you will find a creative home, resources and training to develop your craft, and a supportive community of fellow actors who are always in your corner.


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