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December 7th & 21st


7:00 pm EST


Online Via Zoom


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Class Focus: New York


Class Focus: Irish


Class Focus: Boston

What will the December classes cover?

      1. 1. The "received pronunciation" or "Oxford/upper class" accent of London
      2. 2. "Cockney" (the working class dialect also known as the "Estuary" accent
      3. 3. The northern accents from Manchester to Yorkshire
      4. We will cover the essential sound sets in the first class, then come back for the second session to put what you've learned into practice with real scenes (readings, not memorized).  
      5. There will be lots of detailed information on geography and socio-cultural elements of these accents, too!

What Else is included with a platinum membership?

Improv class

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Accent & dialect Classes



Just want to attend Accents of England classes in December?  No problem.

All Classes Online via Zoom

Class Format

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- A Laptop/Desktop/Tablet or Phone

- Quiet Room/Space

- Materials specifically stated by each workshop class or instructor(if any)


You MUST have a reliable internet connection in order to have the optimal experience. ActorPlaybook will NOT credit you if your class experience is affected by internet or technical issues on your end.

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