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March 23rd at 1:00 pm EST


Studio Member: $20

Non-Member: $39  

Procedural crime shows  provide lots of job opportunities for actors. Use LAW & ORDER: SVU for example, each week a new crime is being solved, hence, the show hires tons of co-stars and guest stars for every episode they shoot!

This self-tape class will focus on how to prepare and make solid choices for  procedural crime show auditions. Actors will receive sides to self tape which will be reviewed in class. This class is limited to 5 Active Participants. Yay for small class sizes!

All other Studio Members can attend to observe and participate in the craft discussion.

What the workshop covers:

  • What is a procedural?
  • Keys to booking a procedural crime show
  • Networking with casting directors of procedural shows
Lorrie started the self-tape program at Actors Connection in 2010 and continued to managed it for over a decade. Putting actors on tape all day, 5 days a week for years allowed her to see the differences between the actors who booked constantly and those who didn’t book.  Sharpen those audition skills while learning how to produce a competitive audition tape. Lorrie will assign you sides to self-tape prior to class.  
*Class is online via ZOOM*

April 20th, 27th & May 4th at 7:00 pm EST


Studio Member: $75

Non-Member: $125  

In this class we will explore Sanford Meisner’s basic principles about developing your craft as an actor. Each class we will take a major component of his approach, break it down and add it to an ongoing improvisation that we begin in week one. By the end- you will have developed your concentration, sensitivity to the present moment, and practical use of your imagination for the purpose of acting.
Class 1:
Principles of Repetition
In which we break down Meisner’s infamous (and often misunderstood) repetition exercise and learn it’s purpose and practical application. This process will develop your concentration and active listening abilities. 
Class 2:
The reality of doing and the independent activity
We will continue to build the improvisation from class 1 by adding what we call an independent activity. A task of great difficulty that will test our concentration of patience. We will engage with the heart of Meisner’s approach by understanding what “the reality of doing” means” 
Class 3 :
The Reason Why and the Imaginary 
We explore justification and how to apply it to our improvisation and by extension the scenes that we will encounter aa actors. We will explore the imagination and how to harness it effectively through improvisation. 
*Classes are online via ZOOM*

April 13th at 6:00 pm EST


Studio Member: $35

Non-Member: $59

Get ready for our next TV intensive with Ivan Martinovich who casts for ID and Discovery Networks.

His projects include EVIL LIVES HERE on Investigation Discovery. Recent projects include casting the hit true-crime series Primal Instinct and the Emmy-nominated comedy series Billy on the Street.

Ivan will select sides based on your HS/resume submission which you will be emailed and prepare 1-2 days in advance. You’ll start off with a Q&A, then Ivan will be working on-camera using the pre-read format with a reader in a group. Be prepared for feedback and to take re-adjustments on the fly.

This intensive is limited to only 6 actors allowing for ample feedback time and in-depth discussion.

Currently, he’s interested in meeting actors of all types and ethnicities 18+ for his upcoming projects.

Instructor Bio:

Ivan Martinovic, a native New Yorker has over 10 years of experience casting and producing for commercials, branded content, tv/film and voice over projects. 

His most recent credits include producing for A & E’s reboot of the hit true-crime series Cold Case Files and casting on the latest season of Evil Lives Here for Investigation Discovery.

As a former actor, Ivan combines his experience behind the mic and in front of the camera to take you through his step by step approach on how to deliver your best performance.

*Class is online via ZOOM*