Monologue Summer Series – Part 1

Monologue Summer Series

“Monologues need to be rich and full of life. They need to go somewhere and have moments. What else can offer you all of this but a tight one-minute performance piece? In a very measurable and concise space, you can do all the work necessary to execute brilliance. And because it’s so compact, you can really focus your attention on finding and filling those moments and executing an effective arc.

All attention is on you.

The word “monologue” comes from the Greek word “monologos,” mono meaning single, alone and logos meaning speech or word. So, monologuing is when one person (you) have all of the attention while telling us about the appropriate events of the story. Your growth as an on-camera artist from under-fives to co-stars and guest-stars, right up to leads and starring roles, is largely determined by your ability to carry the role further and further through the story.

Monologue training gives actors all the necessary preparation needed to reach the ultimate goal: executing an impactful monologue in a feature film or television show, shot in ECU (extreme close-up), delivering an award-winning performance.

Are you ready for your close-up?”

Join in this 3-Part Summer Monologue Series with special guest writer, Debra Gagnon.

Part 1 is modeled after our Scene-Study Exploratory class and you can expect to be given a monologue in class followed by 15 minutes with the copy to make your initial character choices before performing. You will be given feedback and adjustment practice.

Participation in this first class will allow for Deb to observe your work and make notes regarding you specifically as an actor. She will then be writing an original monologue for you to work with in Part 2 of the series.

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Jun 21 2023


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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