Self-Tape Feedback Class with Instructor, Jami Tennille

Are you an actor searching for consistent monthly training to develop your craft and create momentum in your career?

At ActorPlaybook you have access to monthly classes, a network of experienced instructors and a community of actors to provide you with an essential support system as you persevere on your unique acting journey.

Self-Tape Feedback Class with Instructor, Jami Tennille

Consistently train and develop your craft with the supportive community of actors at ActorPlaybook and ActorPlaybook Creator, Jami Tennille.

Class Date: November 29, 2022 (12:00pm)

The details for this session are:

This is a recorded self-tape feedback class.

Actors can send in a self-tape(WeTransfer or a Vimeo link) before the 24 hour deadline. NOTE: All tapes must be received within 24 hours BEFORE the start of class in order to be included.

Your tape will be played in class and I will provide detailed feedback for you on both technical and performative aspects of your tape. Actors in attendance will also observe and provide additional thoughts regarding your work.

This class will be recorded so actors can view their feedback in the course library if they are unable to attend.

Craft discussion and an industry Q & A are also included.

Jami believes having a supportive community and creating a safe space for actors to train are essential for artistic growth.

Instructor Bio:

Jami has worked both in front and behind the camera. She also is a screenwriter credited with award-winning work. Her recent work as an actor includes Showtime’s Dexter: New Blood, NBC’s Chicago Med, Netflix’s Luckiest Girl Alive and Amazon Studio’s Manchester By The Sea. Her goal from the very beginning at ActorPlaybook was to create a valuable and accessible resource for fellow actors with the goal to act in film and television. She strives to create a community of actors who feel one hundred percent supported in their craft and decision to purse acting.


*Time & Dates Subject to Change*


Nov 29 2022


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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