New York Accent & Dialect Class with Coach, Paula Vanlandingham

Have you turned down an audition or not submitted for a role because you didn’t feel confident with the accent it required?

Let’s fix that ASAP!

I want you to book work and be able to embrace each and every opportunity that comes your way.

Dialect coach, Paula Vanlandingham, teaches accent, dialect and language training for actors in film, television, gaming, and digital media. Paula teaches over 50 world accents and regional dialects. She also speaks 5 languages!

This month’s course focus will be the NEW YORK accent.
For this class, we will discuss the major distinctive accent features of the region, including the modern remnants of immigrant influences from Italian, Irish, Hispanic and Jewish communities.
All of this will be set within a context of being able to create differentiated voices with nuance, so that you can move beyond a “stock” or “stereotype” New York accent into various authentic speech styles, based on the 3 keys of accent creation: 
1. WHERE is the character?
2. WHEN is the character?
3. WHO is the character? (ethnicity, social class, etc)
We will cover the essential sound sets in the first class, then come back for the second session to put what you’ve learned into practice with real scenes (readings, not memorized).  

Paula studied acting at the University of Missouri, then at the Lee Strasberg Institute of New York.

She was trained in language acquisition methods by the Berlitz Institute in Rockefeller Center and has a Master’s degree in linguistic anthropology.
Paula teaches 50 accents and speaks Spanish, German, Bosnian, Russian, French (plus a little Italian, Japanese and Arabic).
Platinum membership includes access to a monthly dialect and accent classes for actors!


Jan 11 2022


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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