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Much of the work of an artist is to cultivate an inner state that allows them to make their most potent and authentic art Any act of creation – whether it’s starting a new business, making a painting, or performing – asks us to engage with emotional labour as we step into the vast unknown. We don’t know if we’ll be successful, we don’t have a guaranteed outcome, and we can’t control the process. This naturally generates discomfort and creative anxiety, and for many of us feelings of self-doubt and resistance to making and engaging with our creative work. While we may feel a strong pull towards making our art, we can become stalled or stuck, avoiding the necessary work and engagement. This is utterly confusing for us and drains our energy.

In this workshop we’ll be unpacking why creative anxiety is natural and a part of the human experience, and how we can recognize its arrival. We’ll cover topics like:

● Working with Imposter Syndrome, and why it shows up for us no matter how accomplished we are.

● The types of Creative Discomfort that all artists experience and how to harness that discomfort and use it as creative fuel.

● An introduction to Mindfulness Practices for deepening our awareness of the inner dialogue and inviting in a compassionate observer.

When we are able to meet ourselves and our creative process with curiosity, compassion and resiliency, we remain open and mindful. This is the space we can truly create from and take bigger risks, allowing us to experiment, fail, learn and grow. Our courage takes the lead and we can embrace each step towards our goals with trust and steadfast progress.

Cheryl Taves is a visual artist and Creativity Coach, who is passionate about helping artists to strengthen their creative resiliency so they can deepen their connection to their work and produce their most authentic and personal art. Cheryl has been making art since 2001, but in 2014 she found herself deeply entrenched in a “meaning” crisis around her own work. This led her to begin a process of discovery, as she attempted to understand the creative life in all its intricacies. Through deep, compassionate inquiry, Cheryl was able to get out of her way and on her own side, and came to understand how art-making could become a potent vehicle for transformative change and self acceptance.


Nov 09 2021


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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