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Improv’s greatest lesson is to stay in the moment.  In this monthly class, you will be challenged to let your body & mind do the speaking without letting your thoughts get in the way.  Actors will focus on listening & reacting in order to find the hidden gems in what has already been developed. We will work around the Negative Space searching for discoveries & connections in the worlds we create.

This class meets monthly on Thursdays at 7 pm EST. View the current studio calendar.

This class is available to purchase for $29 to SOLO and PROFESSIONAL plan members or it is included for no additional fee with an ALL-ACCESS membership at ActorPlaybook.

Instructor Bio:

Sunny Atwal has over a decade’s worth of public speaking experience. He has given a plethora of keynote speeches for different organizations throughout the years.  He has hosted/emceed events such as the International Marketplace Coalition Banquet in Indianapolis & Patchwork Indy. He is a former State Champion in poetry. He has written, acted, and produced several shows for the Indy Fringe festival as well as his own 45 minute Solo Show, Taxi Cab Driver, at SOLOCOM 2019. Sunny has also hosted for the Indy Visitor’s Channel which played throughout Indianapolis hotels explaining tourist attractions.  Additionally, he performs Stand Up throughout New York City!

Class 2

Emotional Accessibility

Learn how to access emotions on demand through physical triggers and cues, while also exploring your own emotional blocks. Discover emotional accessibility through a series of techniques and modalities, including Alba method, Fitzmaurice, Uta Hagen, Lucid Body, Michael Chekhov, and more.

Instructor, Alexandra wright

Meets monthly on Sundays at 4 pm EST
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Class 3

Developing The Actor's Voice

Learn the fundamentals by building breath capacity, expanding vocal range and flexibility, and increasing vocal resonance in order to develop an expressive voice ready to inhabit characters. We will explore vocal workouts as a group to strengthen all these areas of the voice and provide accessible workouts to do at home between sessions.

Instructor, Anna Rizzo

Meets monthly on Tuesdays at 7 pm EST
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Class 4

Mindset Mastery

A reboot to help you process any doubt, imposter syndrome, audition nerves or rejection while giving you tools to fortify you for your next audition or performance!Experience a guided meditation designed to serve your specific challenges while learning cutting edge strategies designed to help you become more confident as you surf the waves of your creative life.

Instructor, Holly Shaw

Meets monthly on Mondays at 12 pm EST
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Class 5

Accent & dialects

Have you turned down an audition or not submitted for a role because you didn’t feel confident with the accent it required? Our goal is for you to embrace every opportunity that comes your way. The current intensive spans 4 monthly classes(Sept-Dec). Actors are expected to review the foundational Accents of England classes in the course library at ActorPlaybook prior to the first class.

Instructor, Paula Vanlandingham

Meets monthly on Tuesdays at 7 pm EST
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Class 6

Actor Training

Consistently train, develop your craft and foster artistic growth with the supportive community of actors at ActorPlaybook. Actors are expected to bring a scene, a monologue or self-tape. We will dig through the copy together, take note of beats, potential adjustments and offer ways to discover nuances in the scene through your unique instrument.

Instructor, Jami Tennille

Meets twice every month on Wednesdays at 7 pm EST
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Class 7

Studio Mentoring

Connect with your ActorPlaybook community at our monthly studio mentoring session. These sessions are designed for actors to ask their industry, craft and site questions. To share their wins and struggles. To share insight, build community, foster creative relationships, gain perspective on mind-set, the business, auditions, casting and more.

Instructor, Jami Tennille

Meets monthly on Tuesdays at 12 pm EST
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