A self-tape contest where actors are given prompts and are invited to play with their creativity, their artistry and practice with their at-home set-up.

What will you create?

The #SELFTAPECREATE contests at ActorPlaybook are FREE and ALL actors who wish to participate are invited to submit their tapes.

Check out the contest guidelines below:

Original work

Yes, write it yourself or collaborate. You got this.

90 Seconds or Less

Is it a big deal if you go over? Just read the world news and NO, absolutely NOT a big deal. The time limit simply makes it easier to share your work on IG and keep in mind that it is a standard length for most audition monologues.


Does it feel scary to share your work? Most of us are shakin' in our boots, too. It gets easier the more you do it and we are here to support you if you need it! "Where to share" details below.


DEADLINE March 10th 11:59 PM EST


You missed out!



  • Dark Comedy



  • You must include the name:
  • Heather


Line & Action

  • The following two elements MUST be included in your submission:
  • Line: "Thank you for smoking."
  • Action: Ripping up a paper, magazine, newspaper or piece of mail.

How to Share Your #SELFTAPECREATE Submission

Post in our public Facebook group -The Empowered Actor- and tag with #selftapecreate


post to Instagram and be sure to tag @actorplaybook and use #selftapecreate so we can find your tape!

Is there a winner?

Yes! Winners who are non-members receive FREE access to an upcoming workshop at ActorPlaybook and Studio Members receive $25 cash back from their next monthly membership payment.

Note: All submissions are entered to win. Winner is chosen at random.

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Meet Jami

Jami Tennille is an actor and writer with award-winning work.  Jami is also the founder of ActorPlaybook, an online platform providing actors with classes, workshops and industry resources. She strives to cultivate a community of actors who feel 110% supported in their craft.

She is a proud member of SAG, loves to travel, shelves full of books, cheese boards, chocolate and sharing time with her big, blended family.


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