Focus On Acting...Not Editing

Easy, Self-Tape Editing Service Takes The Stress Out of Self-Tape Submissions

"How do I edit and trim my clip?"

"How do I have my name fade in and out at the beginning?"

"I wish I could fix the lighting."

"The background noise is so loud, what do I do?"

Sound familiar?

We help actors create competitive self-tapes in an industry that demands they be self-tape savvy.

The Solution:

ActorPlaybook's new Self-Tape Editing Service.

How does the service work?

1) You record your scene on your phone and send it to me via a form on the site.

2) I edit the clip, enhance the color, the sound, add fades, your information, etc., all tailored to your specific instructions.

3) You receive your edited tape via WeTransfer.

It's that easy.

The result? 

You spend less time stressing about creating a competitive self-tape and more time doing what you do best....being creative.

Less stress and a competitive self-tape is the best representation of your artistry.

Ready To Get Started?

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