The Mutha Monologues

Motherhood. What a glorious shitshow. Often literally.

I gave birth to my first son in 2007. 

Two-thousand-f@!king-seven!  My second in 2008. Yet, I was grossly unprepared. I had read books, I had been to birthing classes, I was connected to other woman who were parents, yet I soon realized...there were no books(Actually, there was one, Down Came the Rain by Brook Shields and I sat in the corner of a Borders Books one day crying my eyes out and so grateful that I didn't feel completely alone for the first time in years), no shared experiences, no stories that were raw, authentic and truthful in a way that I could relate to.

Was it me? Did I just crash and burn into this while everyone else was glowing and experiencing "the joys of motherhood?"

As women we are often raised to be polite, nice, to not talk about uncomfortable things, to not discuss our dark thoughts, to be good and pretty and smile and oh, my Goddess this makes me rage.

In a nutshell, I felt like my pussy would have divorced me if it could have and my mind and my body were no longer ones I recognized.

I felt so alone. I believe loneliness is one of the worst aches of our human experience.

I don't want anyone else to ever feel alone in their experience.

Because that's a real muthaf@*ka.

Let's Do A Virtual Show

How will this work?

You share your story. You share your truth. Actors bring it to life anonymously in a virtual monologue show. 

What kinds of stories?

The authentic kind. The difficult kind. The raw, gritty, hard to hear but need to be told kind.

~birth and pregnancy stories

~post-partum depression stories

~that day that haunts you stories

~not being able to conceive stories

~miscarriage stories

~adoptive mother stories

~that day you saw beauty amidst the chaos stories

~mothers of color stories

~mothers with disabilites stories

~your story

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