Develop Your Craft and Grow Your Network with our Workshop & Online Course Series

Welcome to this multi-part course presented by ActorPlaybook. We recommend that you turn off all notifications and distractions and take notes while watching the videos below. Putting into practice what you learn here will help to create forward momentum towards your goals as an actor.

Course#1. Launch Your Acting Career

In this 30 day course, you'll discover step by step how to go from an aspiring actor to  audition ready!

VIDEO #2. Script Analysis 
Duration: 1:56:57

Developing script analysis technique helps actors make clear and confident choices in their preparation. Learn directly from a casting director these tools, tips and techniques to analyzing audition sides. The workshop replay will cover what to prepare in advance, how to use the audition page successfully and deconstructing the script to help you master the audition.

VIDEO #3. Impressive Auditions

Duration: 1:33:58

In this video, you'll discover the popular seminar, taught by veteran character actor David Dean Bottrell (Modern Family, Boston Legal),  who offers 10 innovative techniques to reframe the audition experience, and allow actors to always make strong, impressive work "in the room" or in a self-tape.  

VIDEO #4. Voice

Duration: 1:24:39

In this  video replay, vocal coach Theresa Layne will use specific unique voice techniques and insight on how to use the breath to create a heightened emotional state initiated physically.

VIDEO #5. Casting Director Q & A

Duration: 1:02:17

In this  video replay, learn from Kimberly Graham, who has been the Associate Casting Director for Judy Henderson Casting since 2003. She casts for film, television, commercials and theater.  She is known for her work on Homeland, Avatar and Before Midnight.

VIDEO #6. Audition Mind-Set

Duration: 1:26:01

In this  video replay, Creative Coach, Holly Shaw will lead you through her seminar on Auditioning Like a Pro: Turning Nervousness Into Magnetism.

VIDEO #7. Branding & Self-Promotion

Duration: 1:01:12

In this  video replay, author Carla Renata shares insider info and proven tips to help actors create their own brand and utilize it for success.

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