Check your inbox for your writing assignment details after enrollment. Reach out to with any questions!


What the heck is WRACT 101?

Who is this class for?

  • Actors who have a writing itch they want to scratch.
  • Writers who have an acting bug they want to set free.
  • Actors who are also writers.
  • Humans who want to consistently create and connect with other artists on April 25th.

What can wractors expect?

Class begins with introductions!

We’re all a little awkward here so let’s try not to stress too much about public speaking.

You received instructions after you enrolled with your first writing assignment and deadline.

You aced that sh*t!

The writing pieces are “cast” prior to class. No you don’t get your own.

We talk about approaching a role, character choices, objectives, substitutions and other role-prep techniques.

You perform your assigned piece.

We have a group discussion about the writing and the acting.

It’s a magical time of collaboration and creativity.

We high-five each other(virtually or in-person) and go home.

Registrants have the option to attend in-person or via ZOOM.


Writing assignments are due on Sunday April 21st and will be assigned by Monday, April 22.

Class begins on Thursday, April 25th at 4 pm EST