You’re not Alone in This Sh*t


For me it often feels like a constant spin cycle through the stages of holding your sh*t together, getting your sh*t together and losing your sh*t entirely.

You, too? *virtual high-five*

Welcome to the world of realness and embracing all of these very human moments. One of my personal goals is to ensure that you never feel alone in what you are experiencing. That you always have supportive community and creative outlet to help keep you afloat and become a stronger actor in doing so.

So I’ve put together a plan for whatever stage of sh*t you are currently in. Here you go:

If you are losing your sh*t.

1. Connect with me this Sunday, January 17th at 2 pm EST for a free open mentor session and live Q & A. I’ll also be sharing some of my self-tape tips I swear by. Let’s talk shop and hopefully share a laugh or two! Connection is key when you are overwhelmed and so much feels unattainable. Let’s fix that. To receive the ZOOM link you must register for the session here.

2. If you are not already a Studio Member, you can still audit our upcoming on-going training THIS Wednesday at 6:30 pm EST. The ActorPlaybook Studio Members are one of the most welcoming and hard-working groups of actors I have the privilege of knowing. Come and meet the Studio, watch the work and ask any questions that you might have. Let me know you would like to audit by sending me an email here.

3. Create. Your art can be your life buoy that keeps you afloat when times are rough. #SELFTAPECREATE is a monthly monologue challenge and the winner receives a $10 Amazon gift card and a $15 credit towards any upcoming class or workshop at ActorPlaybook. This is FREE and OPEN to all actors. For more details and challenge guidelines click here.

If you are getting your sh*t together.

1. Take a few minutes of zen and listen to a short guided meditation or a full episode from this podcast for actors by Creative Coach, Holly Shaw.

2. If you are looking for some insight on aligning your goals or if you have craft and/or industry questions, I have a select number of available slots for general 1-on-1 meetings with actors. Click here to reserve a spot.

3. Consistency and accountability are key elements when organizing and prioritizing our daily lives and creative ventures. If you are looking for consistent practice in your craft and want to attend two training sessions each month, a workshop designed for actors every month and a monthly group meeting
+ Q & A then become a Studio Member today. You can now join during our current special for only $29/mo (billed annually). Click here to learn more.

If you are holding your sh*t together.

1. Sending a giant virtual hug and high-fives in celebration of the bad-ass human and actor you are. I’m always here if you need anything. Just send me an email at

2. Share the love and add yourself to our public group The Self-Reliant Actor over on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram, too @actorplaybook so we can be a part of your journey as an actor.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Do your art. Share your art.


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