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Are you... actor who wants to develop your craft and connect with your industry?

I created ActorPlaybook so actors would feel 110% supported in their decision to pursue this craft.

I share with you all the lessons and techniques I have learned that have led me to success in the audition room. Everyone's journey is different! I can offer you insight into what I have learned so far on mine and connect you with other industry professionals who share their experiences and insight.

Our on-going training and workshops offer opportunities to immerse yourself in the work, have your questions answered and connect with your actor community all create forward motion towards achieving your goals as an actor.

...ready to take the leap and begin your journey as an actor? 

When I decided I wanted to pursue my dream to be an actor, there were so many thoughts coursing through my brain at once.

"What do I need?, Where do I learn what to do?,  How do I find auditions?" 

I felt overwhelmed and began to wonder,"Is becoming an actor even possible at all?"

Almost a decade later, my resume includes extensive credits as an actor, director, producer and writer, including Academy Award-winning films. I am here to tell you,

"YES! It is possible."

Working with Jami and ActorPlaybook has been life changing for me. The workshops and on-going training are incredibly beneficial for actors at any stage in their career. I can’t recommend ActorPlaybook enough!

Jaci Kjernander


I credit ActorPlaybook, all of the information and especially Jami with a lot of the success I have had in a very short amount of time. 

Janel Scott


Your sensitivity is so positive and uplifting. Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge with me. The workshop was awesome. 

Christine Altan


After a break in acting, it was great practice doing audition exercises. Jami has more in store, so contact her if you're in need of some help getting your passion for acting ignited! 

Debra Gagnon


Rene Zara, Actor and Studio Member

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You will get immediate access to the ActorPlaybook course library, PDF downloads with step-by-step instructions and monthly workshops designed to help you grow in your craft.

Develop A+ Assets

Learn about industry standard formats for headshots, resumes and video footage that will get you into the audition room.

Elevate Your Technique

Develop your approach to preparing roles and taking scenes from the page to live performance.

Be Audition Room Ready

Grow your skill-set to confidently deliver the best representation of your talent on audition day.

Self-Tape Success

Create professional quality self-tapes that give you a competitive edge with casting directors.

Studio Members Also Receive...

Two Live Training Sessions Each Month

Interaction with Jami and other actors throughout the month help actors connect and create forward motion in their careers including scene work, industry insight and craft discussion.

Free & Discounted Workshops

Studio membership includes one monthly workshop, plus discounted rates and early access to available time slots on additional class offerings.

What else will I get with my membership?


Immediate Access to All Replays

It is key to learn as much as we can as actors, from as many people as we can. Sharing insight, sharing personal experiences all can help guide actors on their own personal career journeys. 


Articles & Resources

Information pertinent for actors all found conveniently all in one place.


Full Video Course Library
  • Auditions Essentials
  • Technique for Actors
  • Mastering The Self-Tape
  • 5 Step Role Prep
  • Who's Who on a Film Set
  • Casting Resources


Private Facebook Group

Studio members can also interact through the private ActorPlaybook facebook group. Need advice? Looking for a reader? Want to share success stories? Find it all on our Facebook group.


Email Support

Role prep question? Audition question? Industry question? Member support is always just an email away.

Here’s what people are saying about the Founder

Destinee Vaughn


"Thank you soooo much Ms. Jami! You inspired me and I’m so proud of the work you’re doing, it’s incredible."

Marvin Novogrodski


"Jami provides an excellent platform to practice in a supportive environment. Fun , dedicated people are involved and good learning is taking place."

Audrey Noone


"Great info on framing, cold reads and stopping/restarting. I love that Jami has experience both in front of the camera, and in casting."


I want you to have the best possible support in your career as an actor. Included with your membership are two additional bonuses for Craft Members.

Bonus 1
Industry Interviews

Kenneth Lonergan - Academy Award winning writer and director of Manchester By The Sea

Kyle Crand - Casting Director at CP Casting

Fred Sullivan - Resident actor/director with the Trinity Rep Company in Providence, RI. He has acted in over 120 productions in 32 seasons.

...and more

Bonus 2
Sides Database

Browse the ActorPlaybook database for scenes or monologues to rehearse and refine your new role preparation technique.

Bonus 3

Studio members receive special pricing on workshops, events and affiliated vendors.

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You will get immediate access to the ActorPlaybook course library, PDF downloads with step-by-step instructions and monthly workshops designed to help you grow in your craft.

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About ActorPlaybook Founder,
Jami Tennille

Jami Tennille is an actor, mentor, screenwriter, and filmmaker with award-winning work, including the academy award winner, “Manchester By The Sea.” Jami is also the founder of ActorPlaybook, an online platform providing actors with classes, workshops and industry resources. She strives to cultivate a community of actors who feel 110% supported in their craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to attend every live session?
No. Come to the sessions when you can and participate at whatever level feels most comfortable to you.

If I miss a live session is there a recording?
Yes. Every live session is recorded and added to the member's area for later viewing.

Where do I purchase ActorPlaybook merchandise?

T-shirts, masks and bags are available here.

How to Cancel:
Your membership is month to month and members can cancel at anytime from within their account. 

There are no refunds for membership.