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ActorPlaybook provides personalized training, a supportive community and a network of industry professionals to assist actors as they pursue their dreams.

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Learn, create, submit, repeat

Develop materials that you feel confident in and throw your hat in the ring for every opportunity you may be a fit for.

Actors Access

In our opinion, this is an industry must have. Be sure to add media to your profile. Yes, an excellent self-tape is absolutely fine until you receive your first clips.

Local Casting

If they don’t know you, they can’t hire you. Research your local casting offices today. Send them your materials according to their specific submission instructions if they are listed and get on their email list if they have one.


Another worthwhile investment as an actor.  Industry professionals use IMDB to add your credits and you can self-submit on this site, too.  

Grant Wilfley

If you are interested in work as a background actor in NYC you can set up a profile on their website.

Boston Casting

You can sign up for a FREE talent account to be considered for their future castings. 

CP Casting

A full service casting company located in Boston, MA.

Slate Casting

Slate Casting specializes in union and non-union casting for real people, industrials, commercials, films, live events, voiceovers, web videos and theater.

HBG Casting

HBG Casting LLC is an East Coast Casting Company that specializes in Independent Film. They provide actors for shorts, features, web series and commercials.


Another resource for actors providing castings and more.

Boston Univ.

The undergraduates and graduates in the film program have open casting calls for their films. This is great for newer actors seeking footage!

Our happy actors

We help actors reach their creative and career goals

Sonya Joyner

Actor & Director

Thank YOU Jami!!! You have kept in touch, even when I was a ”silent member”. You have provided a fun learning environment and opportunities for us to grow. What a great group to be a part of. For ActorPlaybook, I give thanks.

Jaci Kjernander

Actor & Writer

Working with Jami and ActorPlaybook has been life changing for me. The workshops and on-going training are incredibly beneficial for actors at any stage in their career. I can’t recommend ActorPlaybook enough!

Marvin Novogrodski

Actor & Magician

Jami provides an excellent platform to practice in a supportive environment. Fun, dedicated people are involved and good learning is taking place.

Christine Altan

Actor & Filmmaker

Your sensitivity is so positive and uplifting. Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge with me. The workshop was awesome.

Olia Neiman


I’m incredibly grateful for the privilege of being part of the ActorPlaybook family that brightens lives and brings fun and creativeness each time we are gathering together. Thank you everyone! Thank you Jami!

Tana Eriksen


I absolutely love being a member of Actor Playbook. The community is so supportive and welcoming. After I joined I had a mentor session with Jami, she really went above and beyond to help me with my materials and become more comfortable in the new market I had just moved to. She shares her knowledge so freely and provides the opportunity for so many great workshops and learning opportunities.

Debra Gagnon

Actor & Writer

After a break in acting, it was great practice doing audition exercises. Jami has more in store, so contact her if you’re in need of some help getting your passion for acting ignited!

Sarah Dunn


At ActorPlaybook Jami Tennille has created an amazing group full of resources and fabulous opportunities for actors. If you are looking to grow or improve your skill set on a regular basis, network, attend/participate in workshops with cds and other experts in the field all with a supportive, fun, talented group of artists—this is the place!