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Are you...

...an actor who wants to develop your craft and connect with your industry?

I created ActorPlaybook so actors would feel 110% supported in their decision to pursue this craft.

I share with you all the lessons and techniques I have learned that have led me to success in the audition room. Everyone's journey is different! I can offer you insight into what I have learned so far on mine and connect you with other industry professionals who share their experiences and insight.

Our actor training and classes offer opportunities to immerse yourself in the work, have your questions answered and connect with your actor community to help create forward motion towards achieving your goals as an actor.

...ready to take the leap

and begin your journey

as an actor? 

When I decided I wanted to pursue my dream to be an actor, there were so many thoughts coursing through my brain at once.

"What do I need?, Where do I learn what to do?,  How do I find auditions?" 

I felt overwhelmed and began to wonder,"Is becoming an actor even possible at all?"

Almost a decade later, my resume includes extensive credits as an actor, director, producer and writer, including Academy Award-winning films. I am here to tell you,

"YES! It is possible."

One of the best and most frustrating aspects of being an actor is that there is not one singular path to achieving your career goals.

ActorPlaybook is the network, the support system and the resource for consistent practice to help you achieve success on your own acting journey.

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Meet Jami

Jami Tennille is an actor and writer with award-winning work, including the Academy Award winner, “Manchester By The Sea.” Jami is also the founder of ActorPlaybook, an online platform providing actors with classes, workshops and industry resources. She strives to cultivate a community of actors who feel 110% supported in their craft.

She is a proud member of SAG, loves to travel, shelves full of books, cheese boards, chocolate and sharing time with her big, blended family.

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