Gift Yourself Your Art

Can you imagine yourself doing anything else?

Pursuing the dream to act, balancing all of the responsibility and energy vampires life sends our way, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable AND keeping as positive a mind-set as possible IS NOT EASY.

I completely understand. 

When discussing acting I will often ask people, "Can you imagine yourself doing anything else?". If they say "Yes", I tell them they should absolutely go pursue that! If they respond "No", then I know they are one of us. An actor. A performer.

Once you feel the pull towards this craft, once you experience both the magic and the chaos of being on a film set, there is no denying your path.

Yes, life gets in the way.
Yes, you will need to take classes.
Yes, you will spend hours in traffic driving to auditions.
Yes, you will get headshots you don't like
Yes, you will think you bombed auditions.
Yes, you will think you nailed an audition and never get a call-back.
Yes, you will have to invest money and time. 
Yes, you will doubt yourself.
Yes, you will feel failure BUT THIS MEANS YOU ARE OUT THERE DOING.

Anyone can just think of doing something. Anyone can yell criticisms and judgments from the safety of their own comfort zone. Those aren't my people.

I want to know and be connected to people who get off their ass and TRY.

Even if things are not working out how you hoped right now. Even if things are not happening as quickly as you would like them to. Ask yourself, am I sitting down in my comfort zone or am I taking chances and reaching for new experiences?

Bravely following the path of an actor and never knowing what the outcome will be is courageous. 

Keep going.

I believe in you.


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