30 Days of Events for Actors

The momentum is in the doing, the stretching, the trying, the CREATING. Turn April into your own party, a daily celebration of your art!

Here are daily suggestions for the next 30 days to help you focus, get moving and for the love of the craft, DO YOUR ART:

1. Create a self-tape of YOU speaking your goals as an actor out loud and describing what being an actor means to YOU. Saying it aloud is an affirmation to you and what you want to accomplish. Speak it, sing it, shout it…just don’t blow out your mic!

2. Google “Monologues for Actors” and fall down the rabbit-hole of content you find. Save a few that you find interesting, strange and/or challenging.

3. Pick one of the monologues you selected and begin prepping it.

4. Practice your technique for getting off-book and let that monologue fly.

5. Practice with your self-tape set-up and make a tape of your new fully prepped monologue.

6. Make some popcorn and watch an Oscar nominated performance.

7. Revisit all of your acting profiles on Actors Access, Casting Networks, IMDB, your social media, etc. and make any updates and/or changes that you may need to make.

8. Record an audio file of you saying “I love you” 10 different ways. Play it back. Recognize that range and all the possibilities/choices underneath one line of dialogue!

9. Create another self-tape of your monologue from #5 BUT throw out all of your original choices. What happens this time around?

10. Watch the last episode of all of your favorite shows. What characters fit your specs? What role/job are they in? Take notes and begin demystifying how casting could possibly envision you.

11. Research a new acting technique! 

12. Make yourself a gorgeous charcuterie and watch an Oscar winning performance!

13. Share one of your monologue tapes to your social media. #selftape #doyourart

14. Pick new sides for a scene-study.

15. Answer Uta Hagen’s 9 questions to help you prep and practice technique.

16. Make a list of 10 different emotions and detail a memory or trigger specifically for you for each one. What happens to your physicality for each emotion? Pay attention to be able to access these and weave them into your work.

17. Research casting companies and production companies in your local area. Make a list of their names and contact information. Reach out and send them your materials!

18. Create a self-tape of the scene you picked and have been prepping from #14. #selftapeday #do your art

19. Draft a cover letter detailing your latest and or upcoming projects, the training you have been doing and links to your materials.

20. Make a list of  your strengths and special skills as an actor.

21. Go to a museum and soak in some visual art.

22. Schedule a creative date with a fellow actor in your acting community. Make your favorite cocktail/mocktail, jump on a zoom and read through some scenes together!

23. Research the Alba Technique.

24. Dive into a new podcast! Smartless, Dead Eyes, Mentors on The Mic, Audrey Helps Actors, for example.

25. Check out all the FREE resources for actors at Actorplaybook here.

26. Pick up a copy of The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. It’s a game changer!

27. Support your local theater and go see a play, support your local improv groups and stand-up comics doing their art at open mic events!

28. Try a new class. Email the studio or instructor and see if you can audit the first one to see if it aligns with your goals as an actor!

29. Begin or refresh your accent work! There are many instructors online and we have lots of lessons right in our course library on ActorPlaybook.

30. Do something that brings you joy and be sure to pay attention to all of the things that do. Weave them into your life relentlessly.

If you ever have any questions or need insight and support in your acting, just reach out.



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