5 Inspirational Tips for Actors

And we wait.

Soon we might feel a little discouraged, a little stagnant and a little cold from the fire of our passion now dwindling.

Do we give up? Convince ourselves it was a pipe dream? Douse the last glowing coal of our dream and put it out for good?

Of course not.

We all know as actors our passions are what inevitably sustain us. So here are five tips to keep the fire alive for when you are feeling defeated and uninspired.

ONE – Write your thoughts down. Spill it out. The feelings have to go somewhere and paper feels no pain nor can it shout out some unsolicited opinion. It it glorious to free up some space in your head when you land some of your airborne, reckless thoughts on a page. Need direction? Answer this: What is it about acting that makes me long for it? What do I wish would happen this year in my career? What am I seeing standing in the way of my dream? Could I win if I challenged it to a dance-off? My vote is yes and you get the idea.

TWO – Ask yourself, “What is ONE thing I can do today to stoke the coals of my creativity?”. Go to a museum, ponder visual art, watch people, pay attention to their body language and facial expressions. Can you mirror them? Can you imagine what they might be feeling and create a backstory about them on the fly? Write a monologue. Write a one page scene. Practice it. How quickly can you get off-book? How many different ways can you read it?

THREE – Connect with your artist community. Is anyone looking to practice a scene or rehearse for an audition? Do you have a tip, a question, a scene or a story to share?

FOUR – Do something kind for yourself. Self care is key and when you are feeling far from fabulous it is essential. Watch a comedy clip and gift yourself a laugh. Treat yourself to 10 minutes stretched out and listening to your favorite music. Eat something delicious. These are all triggers that we can use in our craft. The possibilities are endless.

FIVE – Practice a short scene, send out some headshots and resumes, try a new medium or technique. Keep throwing that hat of yours into the ring.


Now tuck these 5 tips safely in your passion arsenal and take another step on this path where your soul burns the brightest. Someone else might be looking for a light.

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